Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Share

Cold but beautiful end of our day...there is something so peaceful about watching the clouds change and become illuminated. It's so cold everywhere right now. The daylight is getting longer, but it is still getting dark fairly early.

{iphone photo on my way home}

New shoes for a new opportunity....she's been asking for ballet lessons for awhile and it just so happens that tap lessons are part of the deal. She's been practicing in full attire this weekend. So excited (I'm so excited for her!)

Thanks to Meg for this recipe. I set out all the ingredients, wrote out the recipe, and we made one batch with me directing. I let her make the second batch solo....and she was totally able to do it. I bought the dropper for 99 cents at the pharmacy. Needed to add a little more water because I think the dropper was slightly smaller than what the recipe calls for. Great play dough recipe that makes small batches.
(looks like Barbie is doing the backstroke on our wood floor!)

She was so happy to try something new, and of course something independently. We talked about what leveling something off meant. She measured carefully. I was proud of her.
On another note...She is reading silently more reading aloud. She's started to show interest in chapter books with less pictures. I'm amazed by her abilities every day....I feel blessed.

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  1. I love the barbie comment! Jules is doing a great job! Wish she and Vander could get together for play dates! :(