Thursday, October 15, 2009


thinking about yesterday...

when I took this photo, this is what I saw, and what I thought about....lately I feel like I am riding that fine line between calmness and chaos....just like the line in the water where the wind has begun to make a ripple...

acorns totally remind me of fall....for this shot I just set my camera on the ground and pulled the trigger...

interesting mix between beautiful color, the greeness of the clover before the frosty weather sets in and the already browned up leaves....summarizes this time of year...

*yesterday, big J and I had this conversation...look ma, it says "carpenter" on that truck in that driveway....the dog in that house must have peed all over the carpet and the "carpenter" must be fixing it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


*cleaned all morning....I often wonder what it would feel like to have everything in its place...what would I do?
*while at the commons, little j fell asleep in my sling, while big j fell asleep in the stroller....nothing like an extra 60 pounds of pushing and hauling to make for a good workout in the brisk fall air
*keep asking myself, do I really need it? is it useful or beautiful? will it improve my quality of life?
*love lululemon's manifesto....scored a mini poster while there today....wish their products were cheaper
*wanting to give myself more me time....need to take better care of myself
*wanting Halloween to be over already....I'm ready for the much fun with two
*clean sheets favorite
*mandating tv/no computer time during the day....what a difference even an hour makes....I miss's so nice
*meatballs and spaghetti for dinner....hit the spot
*not looking forward to busy wednesday....
*...."do you suppose", "that's hilarious"...favorite sayings today from big j
*little guy is teething big time.....
*wanting to clear out the garden....
*must photograph the will be gone all too soon

Monday, October 12, 2009


because my mind has gotten a bit mushy
and I've become indecisive
and always end up changing my mind
wanting a clean start, starting, then never completing much

wanting to remember things
so here's where the remembering begins...

*firehouse visit, reds, seeing new friends again
*more colds, wondering about his teeth, wishing for a peaceful sleep
*creating memories through family customs and realizing that I can be a catalyst of new things
*figuring out how to have more by having less (stuff that is)
*wishing I could complete more tasks
*knowing that accomplishing even the littlest things makes me feel good
*needing to set some realistic health goals and acting on them